BassLine Miami

Serving as a platform to locally share the music that I produce, promote and of course, truly enjoy, I created BassLine Miami in May of 2016.

Initially a monthly event at Kill Your Idol on South Beach, the party has evolved into a fusion of DJ crew and bass music promotion machine.

Year 1 Designs

For the initial year's worth of design, I was fixated on printing square flyers. 

I like that at 4" x 4" they were small enough to keep in your pocket, but large enough to convey all needed info.

Not that you can tell by the images, but these were printed matte and looked quite excellent in person.

Motion Graphics

As time passed and events popped off, I began to experiment with motion graphics. 

In this example I've used simple animated GIF to share 3 frames of information. Often these were the 3 frames that I would use on Instagram to promote. 

Promo videos

Everyone loves videos and they have proven to be a successful way of promoting pretty much anything.

I have been creating video flyers like this for my events and for some of my clients.

Year 2 Rebranding

Know the year anniversary of the event was coming up, I had been wanting to redesign and take a new approach to the logo.

I wanted the new logo to have a sense of energy and rhythm - a sense of movement even though it's a static image.